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Linux software

Welcome ! You'll find here a wild choice of linux software - arround 20,000 linux software, browsable by categorie, and ready to be downloaded. Happy browsing with us

What is Linux

Linux is a free UNIX like operating system created by Linus Torvalds with the help of developers all around the world. Linux is freely available for everybody thanks to it's GPL licence. You can lurn more about Linux by reading the FAQ, or a more complete introduction to Linux.

How to install Linux

The best way to install Linux if you have never used it before would be to buy a complete Linux distribution. It includes Linux itself, usefull software, some documentation and generally a 30 days support. You can get these usually for a cheap price (arround 30-40 us dollars). You can buy SuSE or mandrake Linux from Amazon, both are good distributions. Mandrake Linux PowerPack Edition is also known to be one of the most simple Linux distributions to install and to use. Another way would be to download the .iso files and to burn a cdrom in order to install the OS. For that you'll have to go directly to the distribution's main web site (Red Hat, Suse, or Mandrake...). If you are looking for software download for other os than linux, please visit some other site.

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Linux Software