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Self-contained ephemeris calculator
This program computes ephemerides of Sun, Moon, planets, comets, and stars using rigorous reduction methods from the _Astronomical Almanac_ and related sources. Includes PLAN404 series for positions of the planets, and a long-term extension of modern Lunar theory for the Moon's position. Reads ASCII file catalogues of stars and orbital elements. Displays all adjustments as it finds local azimuth and elevation, rise and set times, etc. Latest update 2005-11-09.
Version number : 56
Md5 : MD5 ( = 74dfb091d8a749e6583bfc2880aecd10 SHA256 ( = c7b1a3d2bcf46b7e649fbe7858725f80be153668cbb8ce51d9f39ee4567c262b SIZE ( = 415059
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