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astro : gdesklets-goodweather
A desklet that displays current weather condition and forecast
This desklet (sensor/display) shows the current temperature, humidity, sky, windchill temperature and a forecast of the next 4 days on your desktop. The data is retrieved from Weather XML Data Feed project at The desklet is a hack based on the code of the original weather desklet, the Liquid Weather++ module for Karamba and some very nice artwork.
Version number : 0.4
Md5 : MD5 (GoodWeather.tar.gz) = 2470e742a04bd21c0d9492631fc9be1b SHA256 (GoodWeather.tar.gz) = ad9e3a513996acc80e92ddd23c0056267d8401486f4b6ce16bce95e78be0be3e SIZE (GoodWeather.tar.gz) = 1458927
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