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astro : gpsdrive
A GPS navigation system
GpsDrive is a car (bike, ship, plane) GPS navigation system. GpsDrive displays the position provided from a NMEA-capable GPS receiver on a zoomable map. The map file is autoselected depending on the position and prefered scale. Speech output is supported if the "festival" software is running. Waypoint database is supported via mySQL (optional).
Version number : 2.09
Md5 : MD5 (gpsdrive-2.09.tar.gz) = eaa52cb220f3d10312a1046dd47126bb SHA256 (gpsdrive-2.09.tar.gz) = fe8ef35c86df9ab7c8dfb1a8b8155fbeeacd8693ae867f0f10f79f14b7dc6f98 SIZE (gpsdrive-2.09.tar.gz) = 1745509
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