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astro : openuniverse
OpenGL Solar System simulator for X Window System
paraphrase of the Web page: This program draws the Solar System's bodies in simulated 3-dimensionality. You can view all the planets, their moons and a few spaceships in motion, trace them, follow them, orbit them and even control them. OpenUniverse was formerly known as Solar System Simulator (Ssystem). It was initially released in 1997 with the intent of creating a rotating display of the Earth on a mainstream PC. Ssystem version 1.0 was only aware of the planets. Version 1.2 added moons; and 1.6, more means of movement and better textures. The program has been renamed OpenUniverse 1.0 to underline the concept behind its further development: openness for the whole Universe, not just the solar system--open for anyone to use, extend and change.
Version number : 1.0.b3
Md5 : MD5 (openuniverse-1.0beta3.tar.gz) = e6a3e069269db0138e80f926184df3b8 SHA256 (openuniverse-1.0beta3.tar.gz) = 57ad3bfaea9e2a39d152e44edd0a0d39dd68c69b135e5ff85a3f1c4909a49bcf SIZE (openuniverse-1.0beta3.tar.gz) = 4325531
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