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astro : phoon
Displays the phase of the moon
Phoon displays the phase of the moon, either currently or at a specified date / time. Unlike other such programs, which just tell you how long since first quarter or something like that, phoon shows you the phase with a cute little picture. You can vary the size of the picture with the -l flag, but only some sizes have pictures defined - other sizes use @'s.
Version number : 2005
Md5 : MD5 (phoon_29jun2005.tar.gz) = 710846432bf0d3ee5f62437d250d2764 SHA256 (phoon_29jun2005.tar.gz) = 3578bc3e7d364500eb39dfe135ce63c3ead41dcc67a22d19ba13037e107c5ace SIZE (phoon_29jun2005.tar.gz) = 17450
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