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astro : seti_applet
An applet that displays current status of seti@home client
This applet displays the progress of the seti@home client in a panel applet. Currently can display the percentage complete, the best spike, best gaussian, units completed and total CPU time spent running the seti@home client. Once installed, this applet should appear under Monitors->Seti Applet in the 'Add Applet' menu on the panel.
Version number : 2.1.3
Md5 : MD5 (seti-applet-2.1.3.tar.gz) = aecd7cf5e55152859882af0cee073d7a SHA256 (seti-applet-2.1.3.tar.gz) = 2e5e5472f36f9592e3675300359e3b6acac009e56036da6f991c21f5141fefae SIZE (seti-applet-2.1.3.tar.gz) = 585584
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