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astro : wmmoonclock
Displays the phase of the moon, plus orbital data
This is a WindowMaker dockapp which displays a graphical representation of the phase of the moon, plus additional astronomical data such as rise/set times, orbital data, orbital elements, etc (if you click on the image multiple times). Probably most of the data is not that useful, but what the heck :)
Version number : 1.27
Md5 : MD5 (wmMoonClock-1.27.tar.gz) = b3aa5553641deb4bcaa290f93caccb3d SHA256 (wmMoonClock-1.27.tar.gz) = 91a40aef6f432feb4fa0c7450bbe05034e4024509be8f2f8f7c3483e150b532f SIZE (wmMoonClock-1.27.tar.gz) = 829440
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