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Intel MPI Benchmark
The idea of IMB is to provide a concise set of elementary MPI benchmark kernels. With one executable, all of the supported benchmarks, or a subset specified by the command line, can be run. The rules, such as time measurement (including a repetitive call of the kernels for better clock synchronization), message lengths, selection of communicators to run a particular benchmark (inside the group of all started processes) are program parameters.
Version number : 3.0
Md5 : MD5 (327191_327191.gz) = 4e65d46aaf30d12cdeaf898df5693cdc SHA256 (327191_327191.gz) = 5014ec12ae5dc05b1373b47b41d26fe518bc41fe5c77899eb400a25dd9c3ec53 SIZE (327191_327191.gz) = 464188
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