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emulators : sdlmame
SDL port of the popular MAME (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator)
SDLMAME is a port of the popular MAME. There are a few principles that guide it's development: 1) Run on Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, and other SDL supported operating systems with as few changes as possible to the base Win32 code. This means we can track changes faster than larger more conventional ports such as MacMAME, and we also maintain what I call "Firefox compatibilty" where learning a major app only needs to be done once per application, and it then applies across many operating systems. If you can use the command-line Win32 MAME, you already know how to use SDLMAME on any platform you may encounter it on. 2) MAME developers are important. By keeping quickly up to date, we make it easy for people on non-Windows platforms to make and submit changes to the core MAME code, and we offer native implementations of MAME's multi-window GUI debugger on both Linux/Unix and Mac OS X.
Version number : 0.122u8
Md5 : MD5 ( = 4a53bd51bd201edec6250dfe50d61089 SHA256 ( = 5a5deca3d5637be9251057d5fefe4b840902626d26577bd0dbeab555753230bd SIZE ( = 16145751
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