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math : solitaire
The reference implementation of the Solitaire encryption algorithm
Solitaire is an encryption system based on a deck of cards by Bruce Schneier. Although it is designed to be worked out by a human, it can work on computers. This is the reference implementation programmed in Perl. The program itself is installed as 'solitaire', and the source code and test vectors are installed in share/doc/solitaire. Please read the web site below before relying on this for real security.
Version number : 19980817
Md5 : MD5 ( = 9334ee5119b112fc51715be8a8c0ce45 SHA256 ( = 09714b1dec842a615448c78384fd9a0c35ab40e6c1672fe0ce56182440373efd SIZE ( = 4782 MD5 (sol-test.txt) = f3bddfb349ed8302568918b988f84786 SHA256 (sol-test.txt) = d0248eeb66d4820d6678f00ed87b4ea86efc0c118c7106b943b42a05f9b6c47d SIZE (sol-test.txt) = 1469
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