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net : AquaGatekeeper
Aqua H323 Gatekeeper and proxy
Aqua Gatekeeper is H.323 gatekeeper and proxy by Aqua Project Group. It is compatible with many hardware/software like Cisco H.323 gateways and Microsoft NetMeeting 3.01 for Windows 2000 and later. This port presents Aqua Gatekeeper Startup Edition. It is not a free software but may be used free of charge. The Aqua Gatekeeper Startup Edition is limited to 30 concurrent calls.
Version number : 1.22
Md5 : MD5 (6tunnel-0.11rc2.tar.gz) = 74e02d4f0704b3083a01feda66033449 SHA256 (6tunnel-0.11rc2.tar.gz) = 58a6e274a46f04dce158be0e071bf076af0dc7b92bc3d8212dc827ab43e1db07 SIZE (6tunnel-0.11rc2.tar.gz) = 17522
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