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net : acx100
Texas Instruments (TI) ACX100 IEEE 802.11 driver
Texas Instruments (TI) ACX100 IEEE 802.11 driver. The acx driver supports ACX100 based Cardbus or PCI network adapters. The following cards are known to work with the acx driver: Card Bus Binatone WL-1000 CARDBUS D-Link DWL-650+ CARDBUS US Robotics USR2210 CARDBUS US Robotics USR2216 PCI
Version number : 20040701
Md5 : MD5 (acx/acx100-20040701.tgz) = 6f026815dbe5de0629e95853fc9c2ff8 SHA256 (acx/acx100-20040701.tgz) = 4a1bbbdf08668239126caac3dedab37571cbd06bb5dd8be440b30a0ea7409e59 SIZE (acx/acx100-20040701.tgz) = 49013 MD5 (acx/ = 599bfdea54f540b0b68341951a8e2a9f SHA256 (acx/ = 5922ac7410e1dfc7e34957a9e8cd605087ca1d9fbe5829c7c102fbb72d75708f SIZE (acx/ = 2464165
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