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net : arping
ARP level "ping" utility
Arping is a util to find out if a specific IP address on the LAN is 'taken' and what MAC address owns it. Sure, you *could* just use 'ping' to find out if it's taken and even if the computer blocks ping (and everything else) you still get an entry in your arp cache. But what if you aren't on a routable net? Then you're screwed. Or you use arping.
Version number : 2.06
Md5 : MD5 (arping-2.06.tar.gz) = c74dd987ae8006d5a60f2464cedb2b94 SHA256 (arping-2.06.tar.gz) = 269eae074c994da4673fc59987080221d1bb6f99f180200c51100343addf27b0 SIZE (arping-2.06.tar.gz) = 34372
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