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net : asfrecorder
Tool for downloading streaming media from the Internet
This tool enables you to download streaming content in Windows Media Format to your hard drive. The resulting files will be in ASF format and can be played with Windows Media Player and derived tools. You may call this the "DeCSS" for Windows Media - although neither any serious reverse-engineering nor any particular knowledge about protocols was necessary to program this simple application. Development time overall: several hours for a first, working streaming code and some more days for general performance tweaking, cross-platform portability, the Windows graphical user interface and the XML (redirection file) parser.
Version number : 1.1.20010307
Md5 : MD5 ( = c0cd281b9f72479945058735d8eff8a2 SHA256 ( = fd94d102231a31a56c368e02a30e6e700573a0f145c8be48173843b7e9054ea8 SIZE ( = 377571
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