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net : aslookup
Tool that searches the sequence of AS numbers
ASLOOKUP is the tool which searches the sequence of AS number specified with the parameter from IRR and indicates the first line of Description of AS Object. Advantages: You can search many AS Numbers at one time. You can use result of "show ip bgp" command with CISCO router. You can search to ARIN, JPNIC and APNIC whois dabase. You can srarch AS Number from IP Addresses.
Version number : 0.12
Md5 : MD5 (aslookup-alpha0.12.tar.gz) = 0e52b29f5841094a53e0cc6e50ffe098 SHA256 (aslookup-alpha0.12.tar.gz) = b5bbbf48dad6f2133078b060dae59afc12ee82ff326088458c5953f2a476c3d6 SIZE (aslookup-alpha0.12.tar.gz) = 12979
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