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net : astmanproxy
A multi-threaded proxy server for Asterisk
AstManProxy is a multi-threaded proxy server for Asterisk written in C/P-threads. It is designed to handle communication with multiple Asterisk servers. It also acts as a single point of contact for applications. AstManProxy supports multiple input/output formats, including Standard, XML, CSV, and HTTP, HTTPS and SSL.
Version number : 1.21
Md5 : MD5 (astmanproxy-latest.tgz) = d1b018bd5446514cd8bd1c337b98069f SHA256 (astmanproxy-latest.tgz) = d909dc57eb949700e620439f64dd95c183a3c654abd3ac37fba67966486b8e7e SIZE (astmanproxy-latest.tgz) = 56081
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