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net : brutecopy
Transferring files over Internet via UDP
It's an application that pushes data using UDP protocol through rotten, overloaded and otherwise disgusting lines. It should work well even on lines on which TCP completely chokes. The transmission is performed at user-preprogrammed fixed data rate with no flow control, only with lost-packet retransmits. Brutalcopy always transfers the file without error, even on erroneous lines. It uses a CRC-32 checksum algorithm together with the checksum in the UDP packets. Warning: using this utility can cause total line congestion. Don't use it on with high transfer rates unless you know what you do. On some routers, the UDP is artificially throttled in order to prevent such practices. Use FSP for more user and bandwidth friendly file transfers.
Version number : 20011229
Md5 : MD5 (bcp-20011229.tgz) = 2ecd273d34455d43d23cdd03db40b9ab SHA256 (bcp-20011229.tgz) = f5ba5076dbca9e593fa18b37b20686a3636edbfc04c572dab8fb61fa2eedd683 SIZE (bcp-20011229.tgz) = 21711
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