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net : c3270
Full-screen curses-based remote login to IBM mainframes
From html/Intro.html: c3270 is a curses-based IBM 3270 terminal emulator. It can be used to communicate with any IBM host that supports 3270-style connections over TELNET. It can also communicate with hosts that use line-by-line ASCII mode to do initial login negotiation before switching to full-screen 3270 mode. From "pr3287/README": pr3287 is an IBM 3287 printer emulator. It connects to an IBM host via TELNET, using TN3270 or TN3270E. It supports SCS (SNA Character Stream). This release provides some support for SSL, Tcl, and DBCS. Graphics not (yet) supported. Some extended highlighting not (yet) supported.
Version number : 3.3.4p8
Md5 : MD5 (c3270-334p8.tgz) = 99abcf69c941b87361afe78f5cb9e735 SHA256 (c3270-334p8.tgz) = 1be5304402cc6f926788bea1a2a3b39458c07529adde6105ce99dfa97af838a5 SIZE (c3270-334p8.tgz) = 709191
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