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net : cnupm
The BPF Traffic Collector (IPv4/IPv6)
The cnupm is an IP/IPv6 traffic collector daemon; it listens on a network interface for IP/IPv6 packets that match the boolean expression (see tcpdump(8) for more information) and collects the following statistics: o address family (INET/INET6) o IP/IPv6 protocol number o source IP/IPv6 address o source TCP/UDP port o destination IP/IPv6 address o destination TCP/UDP port o total number of bytes trasferred
Version number : 3.11
Md5 : MD5 (cnupm-3.11.tar.gz) = b409d12042cef1ceff85fb8823345d68 SHA256 (cnupm-3.11.tar.gz) = 01e3278e91ea5b211a63b946c383e65a1e76948bb01756b8f005bc3b59d19b39 SIZE (cnupm-3.11.tar.gz) = 35596
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