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net : corkscrew
A HTTP tunnelling utility for SSH
Corkscrew is a simple utility to help tunnel SSH connections through web proxies. Add the following line to your ~/.ssh/config file (replacing HOST and PORT with your web proxy settings): ProxyCommand /usr/local/bin/corkscrew HOST PORT %h %p
Version number : 2.0
Md5 : MD5 (corkscrew-2.0.tar.gz) = 35df77e7f0e59c0ec4f80313be52c10a SHA256 (corkscrew-2.0.tar.gz) = 0d0fcbb41cba4a81c4ab494459472086f377f9edb78a2e2238ed19b58956b0be SIZE (corkscrew-2.0.tar.gz) = 56749
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