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net : cvsup-mirror
A kit for easily setting up a FreeBSD mirror site using CVSup
This is the CVSup Mirror Kit, an easy way to set up a FreeBSD mirror site. When you type "make", it asks you a few questions about which files you want to mirror, where you want to put them on your disks, where you want to update them from, etc. After a "make install" your system will then be running as a nearly self-maintaining FreeBSD mirror site. It will even update its own configuration files from the master site automatically. This kit is not for people who just want to keep their own files up to date with CVSup. It is for people who wish to run servers that distribute the FreeBSD sources to others. This port requires CVSup version 15.3 or later.
Version number : 1.3
Md5 : MD5 (cvsup-snap-16.1h.tar.gz) = b100ace98a41aa9f3d3e75b0d3c245b0 SHA256 (cvsup-snap-16.1h.tar.gz) = 34b10f38d730fd13257676725869aaa7c55246997c42ee4236282f648176381c SIZE (cvsup-snap-16.1h.tar.gz) = 430951
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