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net : cyphesis
A server for WorldForge games
Cyphesis is a small scale or personal server for WorldForge games, and is currently being used to develop new techniques and technologies for the WorldForge project. Code from cyphesis will also be used to control NPCs in future servers such as STAGE using AI techniques.
Version number : 0.5.15
Md5 : MD5 (cyphesis-0.5.15.tar.bz2) = 15a430ce941b30bff55e475facb48b95 SHA256 (cyphesis-0.5.15.tar.bz2) = c1220e222d7588c27b1cd0a1ac6605a0c26d13fedaecc5469129d32448cc2767 SIZE (cyphesis-0.5.15.tar.bz2) = 549050
Linux Software