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net : dctc-gui
A GUI to DirectConnect ( text client
[ from developer's site] This is a Graphical User Interface for DCTC I. What is DCTC DCTC is a Direct Connect clone, a windoz client allowing users to share their files and talk (like IRC but more software sharing oriented) using a proprietary protocol. DCTC stands for Direct Connect Text Client. II. What is not DCTC DCTC is written from scratch without any help from neo-modus using our experience of hotline protocol. DCTC is not designed to be used by human. It doesn't contains any GUI or CLI. The goal of this project is to build a Direct Connect client which can be used by other programs. So even if you can enter command using the keyboard, don't say the human interface is poor.
Version number : 0.66
Md5 : MD5 (dc_gui-0.66.tar.gz) = f47aa43a6840e078bc32717d63731b52 SIZE (dc_gui-0.66.tar.gz) = 461838
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