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net : dgd
Dworkin's Generic Driver (network server)
DGD is a rewrite from scratch of the LPMud server. It runs on Windows, MacOS, BeOS and many versions of Unix. This is the core distribution of DGD, providing all the tools needed to implement interactive servers, for instance MUD, IRC,
Version number : 1.2p4
Md5 : MD5 (dgd/dgd-1.2p4.tar.gz) = 130a14cb2a09892bd742b6d85d0d9e16 SHA256 (dgd/dgd-1.2p4.tar.gz) = 99b7b43182920e5a90dc75c8f8b15e456b0329b195c538b63fedc5ce3be41b9a SIZE (dgd/dgd-1.2p4.tar.gz) = 472205 MD5 (dgd/Network-1-DGD-1.2p3-patch.gz) = 6204e4072df50a7fcf75b0968fa659e9 SHA256 (dgd/Network-1-DGD-1.2p3-patch.gz) = 2c20fa3534794ef002ba479d0b48ea17b4a0dd4e642e083a13c8307fb92ccebb SIZE (dgd/Network-1-DGD-1.2p3-patch.gz) = 11043 MD5 (dgd/ansi.diff) = 0a33d9f19b2d7f6dd6786d4dc98e9b9b SHA256 (dgd/ansi.diff) = 0335645da1db3bfc43d319b7cda481b82b2bbb8e925b2c20a739bb73b95566e5 SIZE (dgd/ansi.diff) = 595
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