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net : dhcp-agent
A portable UNIX Dynamic Host Configuration suite
dhcp-agent is a suite, or a set of tools, that allow a UNIX host to make use of the Dynamic Host Configuration protocol. Currently the suite is packaged with the following tools: * dhcp-client : A highly configurable and extendable DHCP client. * dhcp-sniff : A command line DHCP sniffer. In good time the suite will also be packaged with: * dhcp-server : A configurable and extendable DHCP server. * dhcp-relay : A DHCP relay agent. Under FreeBSD the client will make use of two bpf devices. This is because of a limitation in dnet. If you run out of bpf devices you may need to compile a kernel with more bpf devices.
Version number : 0.41
Md5 : MD5 (dhcp-agent-0.41.tar.gz) = 78b6f1ba38072589cddd9e5d3079aa24 SHA256 (dhcp-agent-0.41.tar.gz) = 3f7e6d181ad69d3e9f47e24f114259131b2f40f50bfac1c8d844fed8545dac95 SIZE (dhcp-agent-0.41.tar.gz) = 515636
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