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net : dosdetector
Detect suspicious network traffic
DoSDetector analyzes and detects suspicious IP traffic and alerts about it. It can detect worm traffic, SYN flood, icmp flood, udp flood attacks and more. It's configurable via a rule set; when an IP exceeds the score limit, DoSDetector prints a warning.
Version number : 20060621
Md5 : MD5 (dosdetector-20060621.tar.gz) = b2230048725657dbc7fde290c2fdfa08 SHA256 (dosdetector-20060621.tar.gz) = 664b9c94dc225e1e604c2791ed5fa2f3e1924908f81e92a3a16578db0b4aa77f SIZE (dosdetector-20060621.tar.gz) = 164768
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