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net : edonkey-gui-java
Java GUI to eDonkey2000 'core' command line client
[ excerpt from Developer's site] This is a user interface to tell eDonkey2000 'core' what to do (ie. connect to servers, do searches, download stuff). The core comes with a very simple text interface (=command line client), where you can tell it what to do by typing in commands. Most people do not find this very convenient and rather have a window with lists and buttons to click. The 'GUI' is a separate program which connect to the core via a TCP connection and tells it what to do. Likewise, the core sends messages to the GUI when something happens (eg. a download has finished), so the GUI can present this to the user. Check the
Version number : 1.1.2
Md5 : MD5 (ed2k_1.1.2.jar) = 481132b6e7ebf1e1f293c1f43d5d910a SIZE (ed2k_1.1.2.jar) = 827950
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