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net : findmtu
A tool for performing IPv6 path MTU discovery on *NIX
FindMTU is a tool that performs IPv6 path MTU discovery. You can use it to debug network problems and to detect IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnels in the path to a destination. FindMTU only performs IPv6 path MTU discovery. It does not know about IPv4.
Version number : 0.9
Md5 : MD5 (findmtu-0.9.tar.gz) = 5aa9e84714d5ba509b70a0a4be872105 SHA256 (findmtu-0.9.tar.gz) = a784ed59beafdddab78893aaacd595d8fd5e2458b644ff02f3734256d132d9fd SIZE (findmtu-0.9.tar.gz) = 12814
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