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net : flowgrep
TCP stream/UDP/IP payload 'grep' utility
flowgrep is a basic IDS/IPS tool written in python as a way to help you investigate and manage your network. it works by sniffing traffic, reassembling TCP streams, and IP and UDP fragments into single packets, and allowing you to "grep" through their payloads using regular expressions. the quality of the regular expression engine is similar to Perl's. think of it as a marriage of tcpflow, tcpkill, and ngrep.
Version number : 0.9
Md5 : MD5 (flowgrep-0.9.tar.gz) = 47131bde68a78dc9726a08cb71a093d1 SHA256 (flowgrep-0.9.tar.gz) = bdf87453f55d76888fd334d196543877d7533860b611113cede803a1f97b7918 SIZE (flowgrep-0.9.tar.gz) = 8324
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