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Freenet6 Tunnel Setup Protocol Client - Free IPv6 tunnel
Freenet6's TSP is a new initiative launched by Viagenie, a private company in Canada involved in IPv6 since 1996, to facilitate a faster deployment of an Internet IPv6. Internet is world-wide deployed over IPv4, therefore this project has the main goal of deploying IPv6 at a larger scale by using configured tunnels. Configured tunnel is a transitional method standardized by the IETF to use IPv6 in coexistence with IPv4 by encapsulating IPv6 packets over IPv4. Any host already connected to Internet with IPv4 and having an IPv6 stack could establish link to Internet IPv6. Freenet6, developed by Viagenie in 1999-2000, was the first public tunnel server service and one of the most used in the world to delegate automatically one single IPv6 address to any host already connected to an IPv4 network over configured tunnel simply by filling a Web form and running a script. Freenet6's TSP is representing another very important step to accelerate the deployment at large scale of IPv6 to everyone on the net.
Version number : 2.1.1
Md5 : MD5 (tspc-2.1.1-src.tgz) = 65183cae002feaacd8bc92d6a5404cc2 SHA256 (tspc-2.1.1-src.tgz) = 1fc6aa77a0badc567914c13700baacb84ca01e972b946ae6efb78cdf4eac1433 SIZE (tspc-2.1.1-src.tgz) = 1745514
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