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net : fspclient
A ftp-like client for the FSP service
FSP Client is single executable client for the FSP protocol. FSP Client uses an FTP-like user interface. It feels like FTP, but under the hood it uses FSP protocol. FSP is a UDP-based protocol for transfering files around, and was designed for anonymous archives.
Version number : 0.91.0
Md5 : MD5 (fspclient-0.91.0.tar.bz2) = 58d196e1e8e4656be15d2ad7fb8bbf7d SHA256 (fspclient-0.91.0.tar.bz2) = c02b3a6b07487648b2ff5ad37ff9e1c5dd0fbc1a0b075f96a97f928ee0d7c246 SIZE (fspclient-0.91.0.tar.bz2) = 132758
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