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net : fspd
FSP daemon, clients and scanner
This is a server daemon, port scanner and (optionally) clients for FSP, the File Service Protocol. FSP is lightweight and connectionless. It is typically used for offering files to "anonymous" visitors over a congested link. It uses UDP rather than TCP sockets. A service contact port (well-known port) for FSP has not been assigned by IANA (per RFC 1700). See for an overview. To use fspd, you must copy the fspd.conf.sample file, normally installed in /usr/local/etc/, to fspd.conf and edit it. You can run fspd from inetd or stand-alone.
Version number :
Md5 : MD5 (fsp-2.8.1b24.tar.bz2) = 19a80b22e43717175facfc26e25d902b SHA256 (fsp-2.8.1b24.tar.bz2) = c42be8e5ddb4f3b7d2569262a12b5954fbbba108271b961bf22c4a7acce5ba8c SIZE (fsp-2.8.1b24.tar.bz2) = 264521
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