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net : generic-nqs
Generic Network Queuing System
NQS (or more properly Generic NQS) is a Network Queuing System available for multiple platforms. It provides for configurable limits on jobs on a per queue basis as well as for the total queue system. As its name suggests it allows jobs to be submitted on one machine and transferred to run on another machine. It can be configured so jobs are automatically transferred to the least loaded machine in the cluster.
Version number : 3.50.9
Md5 : MD5 (Generic-NQS-3.50.9.tar.bz2) = 4e3508ff2d8c7ac7fa5bfbe5d5a97a69 SHA256 (Generic-NQS-3.50.9.tar.bz2) = 98ec12587105d061b1c6765cdbc6d887b39b69359a395a9656e0d0e4e99c5dce SIZE (Generic-NQS-3.50.9.tar.bz2) = 666256
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