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net : gicq
GTK based ICQ program
For lack of a better name, I'm referring to this program as "gicq", since it's intended to eventually be a clone of the popular chat client "ICQ" by Mirabilis Ltd. ( and it utilizes the GTK toolkit ( You must already have an ICQ number to use this. When you launch gicq, choose "Online" from the status selector at the bottom of the window. The first time, you'll be prompted for your ICQ number and password. IMPORTANT: you must enter your ICQ number - NOT your nickname. See also:
Version number : 0.33
Md5 : MD5 (gicq-0.33.tar.gz) = 4e9ef1ef01bf1c74cbbd10448c9568e1 SIZE (gicq-0.33.tar.gz) = 182625
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