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net : gnome-mud
GTK-based MUD client with triggers, aliases, colors, etc
GNOME-MUD is a mudclient for GNOME. It offers many features, such as full support for ANSI colors, aliases, command history, triggers, automapping, multiple connections, and so forth.
Version number : 0.10.7
Md5 : MD5 (gnome-mud-0.10.7.tar.gz) = 77d2501a94a2c713e907a8ac4bb84227 SHA256 (gnome-mud-0.10.7.tar.gz) = 319f52e7aeda9cc88a940cc67d4a3322393291e6742f35dba360c876d8124611 SIZE (gnome-mud-0.10.7.tar.gz) = 684775
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