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net : gopher
Gopher client for access to a distributed document service
The Internet Gopher is a distributed document delivery service. It allows a neophyte user to access various types of data residing on multiple hosts in a seamless fashion. This is accomplished by presenting the user a hierarchical arrangement of documents and by using a client-server communications model. The Internet Gopher Server accepts simple queries, and responds by sending the client a document. University of Minnesota
Version number : 3.0.6
Md5 : MD5 (gopher_3.0.6.tar.gz) = 0cffe1ec0e3e5600af1fe590db852c12 SHA256 (gopher_3.0.6.tar.gz) = 896a21c4d5284a6f1a5f8a20afe6e0ca9c7da7109b8c7de3aa549957dd2b2011 SIZE (gopher_3.0.6.tar.gz) = 677753
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