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net : gspoof
Console/GTK+ TCP/IP Packets Forger
Gspoof is a GTK+ program written in C language which makes easier and accurate the building and the sending of TCP packet with a data-payload or not. It's possible to modify TCP/IP fields also Ethernet header working to Link Level.
Version number : 3.2
Md5 : MD5 (gspoof-3.2.tar.gz) = 7a1d124a1d0bed87e19b239d559ba880 SHA256 (gspoof-3.2.tar.gz) = 65f12bf8ca23d3fa6af0cedda4fb6c28c955a909e1787bd5dda14404a0280019 SIZE (gspoof-3.2.tar.gz) = 69340
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