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net : gwhois
Flexible whois client and proxy
gwhois is a generic whois client. It strives to know for all existing tlds and all ip address range the appropiate whois server to ask. You can simple call gwhois with a query for some domain or some ip and it will ask the right server for you! It can even query webforms which are unfortunately the only query type supported by many bad nics. gwhois can also be used as a whois server. You can call it from the inetd and make it accessable via a normal standard whois client. This allows for example using a windows client and still make use of the enhanced features of gwhois.
Version number : 20071030
Md5 : MD5 (gwhois_20071030.tar.gz) = 05c8524669639108bbbff5d42ba99ca6 SHA256 (gwhois_20071030.tar.gz) = 757a00d29204ddbdb3eec1b71bc2055b4cb2ee2a63791b96a2b4cee2b9bd99af SIZE (gwhois_20071030.tar.gz) = 31895
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