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net : http_ping
Sends HTTP requests every few seconds and times how long they take
http_ping is like the regular ping(8) command, except that it sends HTTP requests isntead of ICMP echo requests. I.e., it runs an HTTP fetch every few seconds, timing how long they take.
Version number : 20050629
Md5 : MD5 (http_ping_29jun2005.tar.gz) = 6ff0319344f934baa5a5f9bc6df7eaf7 SHA256 (http_ping_29jun2005.tar.gz) = f0a68c1d0c418a6333599ea6363e095867cc0472f0c89d000e3ac6f871b8c4d1 SIZE (http_ping_29jun2005.tar.gz) = 7956
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