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net : ifstated
Interface State daemon
This is a port of ifstated(8) from OpenBSD by Matthew George. From the manpage: *** The ifstated daemon runs commands in response to network state changes, which it determines by monitoring interface link state or running exter- nal tests. For example, it can be used with carp(4) to change running services or to ensure that carp(4) interfaces stay in sync, or with pf(4) to test server or link availability and modify translation or routing rules. *** It has been modified to use FreeBSD's kqueue/kevent mechanism and sysctl.
Version number : 3.7
Md5 : MD5 (ifstated-3.7.tar.gz) = 3c399ea13e546c9bbf2ba5e844b5728b SHA256 (ifstated-3.7.tar.gz) = e4bdd5d53c13daa4fa8936165c5522fe22c4a63a3c59c2c965ccc423aa91deaf SIZE (ifstated-3.7.tar.gz) = 12374
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