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net : ipsumdump
Produce ASCII summary of network traffic or tcpdump(1) file
Ipsumdump program summarizes TCP/IP dump files into a self-describing ASCII format easily readable by humans and programs. Ipsumdump can read packets from network interfaces, from tcpdump files, and from existing ipsumdump files. It will transparently uncompress tcpdump or ipsumdump files when necessary. It can randomly sample traffic, filter traffic based on its contents, anonymize IP addresses, and sort packets from multiple dumps by timestamp. Also, it can optionally create a tcpdump file containing actual packet data.
Version number : 1.66
Md5 : MD5 (ipsumdump-1.66.tar.gz) = 75e16831bc073a8475bf66fc26426b7c SHA256 (ipsumdump-1.66.tar.gz) = 995d2436df17c3d69d0b091b971df7b6d35e2ebbd48025511a37a3e69e59e327 SIZE (ipsumdump-1.66.tar.gz) = 740717
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