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net : ipv6socket_scrub
Checks IPv6 portability of C source code
Sun IPv6socket_scrub program ============================ The ipv6socket_scrub utility searches recursively through the current directory (the default) or any specified directory or file to find IPv4 socket code that may be a candidate for modification when porting to the IPv6 socket API. The utility is designed to run from a Solaris machine.
Version number : 1.0
Md5 : MD5 (IPv6socket_scrub.tar) = 5e61107af752b3e97ace852c481e45b7 SHA256 (IPv6socket_scrub.tar) = b364ada8f677c049e58afeef67046af5943edff838c69fc0dcc010a659f2fa8b SIZE (IPv6socket_scrub.tar) = 160768
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