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net : jcifs
The Java CIFS Client Library
JCIFS is an Open Source client library that implements the CIFS/SMB networking protocol in 100% Java. CIFS is the standard file sharing protocol on the Microsoft Windows platform (e.g. Map Network Drive ...). This client is used extensively in production on large Intranets.
Version number : 1.2.18
Md5 : MD5 (jcifs-1.2.18.tgz) = fea20b04bde35c95d14865db4d8595bd SHA256 (jcifs-1.2.18.tgz) = ab3b9e483b98514d70d8ff2de5aecaf106de4b69ada54a5786c7f8aae36917df SIZE (jcifs-1.2.18.tgz) = 958906
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