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net : latd
The linux-decnet project LAT protocol suite
The linux-decnet project is an effort to bring full DECnet support to Linux; however, they also separately offer the latd package, a collection of programs that speak Digital's old Local Area Terminal (LAT) protocol. These programs enable network clients to reach serial devices connected to old LAT-only terminal servers, such as the DECserver 200/MC. This is a redistribution of the linux-decnet project's software, with FreeBSD compatibility added. It is based very closely on the NetBSD port by Matt Fredette and has benefited from the wonderful assistance of Patrick Caulfield (the original author).
Version number : 1.25
Md5 : MD5 (latd-1.25.tar.gz) = e380543278458e276f4200edc4c9a268 SHA256 (latd-1.25.tar.gz) = c963afd31e65a5de6139fbbf4b188a04b9f7db711804a23890812a1546551e04 SIZE (latd-1.25.tar.gz) = 207959
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