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net : ldapbrowser
Java/Swing-based LDAP Browser/Editor
From the website: The LDAP Browser/Editor provides a user-friendly Windows Explorer-like interface to LDAP directories with tightly integrated browsing and editing capabilities. It is entirely written in Java with the help of the JFC (SwingSet) and JNDI class libraries. It connects to LDAP v2 and v3 servers.
Version number : 2.8.2
Md5 : MD5 (Browser282b2.tar.gz) = 810f8a3940644e5a750a4feec00494ff SHA256 (Browser282b2.tar.gz) = c5d30a79314610e28e6b66ef8be630ec8d349bf58b5693faf8de636084ca9ddf SIZE (Browser282b2.tar.gz) = 651283
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