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net : ldapscripts
Scripts to manage posix accounts in an OpenLDAP directory
Ldapscripts The ldapscripts allow to easily manage POSIX accounts (users, groups, machines) in an LDAP directory. They can be used independently as shell commands or within Samba's configuration. See README for more details.
Version number : 1.7.2
Md5 : MD5 (ldapscripts-1.7.2.tgz) = ee80c50dd9c95df03d2f90251ba7145c SHA256 (ldapscripts-1.7.2.tgz) = c66a3d709157d0eb8861206abceb0f2ca93ded5595433d5c4e96908cbed9f8c0 SIZE (ldapscripts-1.7.2.tgz) = 25973
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