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net : ldapsh
Interactive shell used to administer ldap directories
ldapsh is an interactive shell you can use to administer ldap directories. It provides an extensible command mechanism, with most of the necessary builtin commands (such as 'clone', 'edit', 'rm'), and it's relatively easy to add more commands. It supports configuring multiple LDAP sources, and storing your UID for each source so you don't have to type them each time.
Version number : 2.00
Md5 : MD5 (ldapsh-2.00.tar.gz) = 3d7cc63f268ed05beea2fac95c5ecf87 SHA256 (ldapsh-2.00.tar.gz) = 5feba84569e67e4d1051d7c0d7513760ea3086b726f7bc116e8429d4a346f7db SIZE (ldapsh-2.00.tar.gz) = 41546
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