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net : libbgpdump
Analyzing dump files produced by Zebra/Quagga or MRT
This is libbgpdump - a C library designed to help with analyzing dump files produced by Zebra/Quagga or MRT. File formats: - MRT RIB dump - Zebra/Quagga format - These may be gzipped and/or passed in through stdin Entry formats: - MRT routing table dump entries - Zebra/Quagga BGP records: - BGP messages (OPEN, UPDATE, NOTIFY, KEEPALIVE) - BGP state changes
Version number :
Md5 : MD5 (libbgpdump- = 70025f340fd8532fcde5504b4ee865b8 SHA256 (libbgpdump- = 12349d6f2d630fff7285b486d86b4c342e98ba5327c84eb8f9839c30b7d8449f SIZE (libbgpdump- = 91520
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