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net : libnetdude
A library for manipulating libpcap/tcpdump trace files
The core of the Netdude framework and the place where the packet manipulations are performed. It allows you to implement trace file manipulations at a much higher level of abstraction than code written directly on top of the pcap library.
Version number : 0.10a PORTVERSION=${PORTVERSION}
Md5 : MD5 (libnetdude-0.10a.tar.gz) = e04381ae5db81ef4a83346f44ad6788e SHA256 (libnetdude-0.10a.tar.gz) = c7299f0cfe1a8e236a8d1bf20490c2f6475494b962e797864bdabbf307c33888 SIZE (libnetdude-0.10a.tar.gz) = 1208527
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